Crypto Guide

Deposit with Cryptocurrency at Slotastic: Easy Steps & Bonus Tips!

Embark on a seamless journey into the thrilling world of Slotastic by leveraging the power and convenience of cryptocurrency! With a fortress of security, swift transactions, and a cloak of anonymity, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash unlock a treasure trove of benefits for savvy gamers.

Cryptocurrency Deposits for Mobile Users

  • Setting Up: Dive into a universe of fun by establishing your Slotastic account. Whether you’re a seasoned member of our community or a newcomer eager to explore, logging in or signing up is your first step to a crypto-powered gaming adventure.
  • Initiating the Deposit: Navigate the golden ‘DEPOSIT’ button, where a plethora of deposit options unfold before you. Select your cryptocurrency of choice and decide on your deposit amount to proceed to the next level of the transaction.
  • Completing the Transaction: A crypto address materializes, ready to be copied and pasted into the ‘Pay’ section of your crypto wallet. Once the funds journey from your wallet, they’ll materialize in your Slotastic account within mere minutes.

Cryptocurrency Deposits for Desktop Users

  • Accessing Your Account: Enter the enchanting realms of Slotastic by logging in and steering your ship towards the ‘Deposit’ option, hidden within the menu in the top-right corner.
  • Choosing Your Cryptocurrency: Select your preferred cryptocurrency, input your deposit amount, and brace yourself for the next step in your crypto voyage.
  • Finalizing the Deposit: The crypto address appears, ready to be scanned or copied. In your crypto wallet, paste the address into the ‘Pay’ section, enter your deposit amount, and send the funds into the abyss, where they’ll resurface in your Slotastic account shortly.